Boomerang: Song Explanation From Reese

Disclaimer: I hate this. It goes against every fiber of my being to have to explain what a song I have written is about. Not out of some sense of elitist pride or anything, but because I think the most important thing about any piece of art is not what the creator wants it to be, but how it is perceived. For me, there are countless songs that I heard while growing up that have no significance, spiritually or nostalgia-wise, to the artist, but mean the world to me. I don’t want to ruin that for you. That being said, enough people have asked, including the other devious people in my band, so I have been peer-pressured into doing it. Please don’t let this ruin our music for you. Draw your own conclusions, too. And, did I mention that I hate this? I hope you hate it, too. – Reese

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(Lyrics: Reese Roper)

Like nothing you’ve ever seen,
it’s “titanic” as a simile.
We’re double-fisting caffeine,
while our bones are cracking dismally.
Did you hear what’s coming back?
Now raise the mast.
Raise your glass,
here’s one for ice packs.
Let’s pour some out for those who’ve passed.
Set your cadence to a different drum.
Set your sights on the horizon.

We can start a fire,
we can light it up and keep it burning.
We can start a fire,
Boomerangs come back,
they just keep returning.

No time left to eulogize,
yesterday can take care of yesterday.
Let’s raise our sails to the skies,
diving headfirst back into the fray.
Set your cadence to a different drum.
Set your sights on the horizon.

This song was supposed to be the opener for Engine of A Million Plots. The only problem was that Scott and I could not agree on how the chorus should go. So it came out as this Frankenstein thing that made everyone in the band lose all hope for humanity. Thank God that our producer saved it enough that we could put it on this EP. Thanks Jeremy.

Anyways, this was, as I said, intended to be Five Iron Frenzy’s re-entry into the musical world- post Kickstarter. All the usual is in there: stuff about being old, some old guy joke about boomerangs, some references to old Five Iron songs, more allegories about fires and cold that were carried out in EOMP, some pirate allegory that was drowned out on the rest of the album- basically, too much to make sense. To sum it all up: Set your sights on the horizon, and light some crap on fire.

The first verse that no one loved-

Rocking over London,
double-neck your Gibson,
rocking on Chicago
reading Henrik Ibsen.
Agreeing just to disagree
You can taste the irony.
Working towards a black-list,
they said you were a communist.
Can you hear what I hear?
The times they are a-changin’
rock and roll just got too fat.
Bursting at it’s safety pins.


  1. I’m a little sad that a verse with a nod to Wesley Willis got cut from a song that got cut.

    • Ditto

  2. Agreed, but it’s good to know his spirit lives on. Fingers crossed for an eventual cover of “Merry Christmas”.

  3. I don’t need the explanation but love to be able to read the lyrics.

  4. I also love the Wesley reference. “Diet Pepsi, Uh-Huh”

  5. The first verse that no one loved reminds me of this one-time band called Roper. Which makes sense, I guess.

    • I was a big fan of roper. Reese got to do stuff that was rather different from what he did in Five Iron, which I thought was neat, and apparently somewhat foreshadowed to Five Iron’s new sound.

  6. Although I really enjoyed Boomerang, I’m kinda glad that in the end Against a Sea of Troubles ended up as the opener – not only an incredibly powerful song, but also one that sets the exact tone of EOMP perfectly

  7. Art is subjective and sometimes people just can’t appreciate creativity.


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