The Long Wait Is Over


The time is finally upon us. Engine of a Million Plots, our 10th album, is officially released to the world. *HUGE SIGHS OF RELIEF* This isn’t a teaser video. It’s not a single. It’s not a music video or an advance online stream. This is the whole thing. This is the singular piece we’ve been preparing for 2 years now.

As you know the record has been up for pre-sale on our web store for just over a month now. We weren’t sure what the pre-order situation would look like. We wondered if the Kickstarter campaign would cannabalize the pre-sale campaign. Much to our delight this was not the case. The pre-sales for the new album have far exceeded our expectations. Our anxieties were only temporarily alleviated before we realized that we have to actually ship all these orders out. Which brings me to us to the next point: Fulfillment.

The digital stuff, that’s easy. That’s instant. You probably have already downloaded the album on either MP3, WAV or FLAC. As for the CD’s some of you have already started to get them in the mail. To those people congratulations we hope you hate it. For the rest of you they are already in the mail. The vinyls however are another situation altogether however. A couple weeks ago the pressing plant told us that they were running behind on production due to the Holidays. We asked them to try and meet our goal of November 20th to ship on time. They were only barely able to meet us halfway. Black Vinyl copies of the album are arriving early this week in Denver, so they should be arriving in your homes late this week or early next week. As of writing this Fiery Red still hasn’t left the plant, but we are expecting them to arrive in Denver by the end of this week, sometime after Thanksgiving. So for now you vinyl order-ers need to have just a little more patience. We know it sucks. But look at it this way… the album is on Spotify worldwide right now AND everyone who orders through our webstore gets in instant download! So no one who pre-ordered the album will be without the music of Engine of a Million Plots.

We hope you all hate enjoy the new album. This has been an amazing process and we are tremendously pumped, jazzed, and otherwise stoked that we are able to unleash this beast on the world of rock.

Those of you wishing to actually go to a brick and mortar store to purchase our new album Engine of a Million Plots can head to any of these stores listed below to pick up a copy of the album. Some of the stores are also carrying a cool embroidered patch of our hash mark logo. You get one free with every purchase of the new album. It should also be noted that this is a short list of stores carrying the record. There are too many to mention since we catered to tons of Indie stores on this release as well. So if you don’t see your store here then call your local indie music store to see if they are carrying the new album. If they’re not. Tell’em to order a couple for the shop.


Best Buy (music stores – 250+ stores)
Zia- Chandler, AZ***
Zia- Phoenix, AZ (4 stores)***
Zia- Tempe, AZ (2 stores)***
Zia- Tucson, AZ (2 stores)***
Zia- Las Vegas, NV (2 stores)***
Bull Moose- Brunswick, ME***
Bull Moose- North Windham, ME***
Bull Moose- Waterville, ME***
Bull Moose- Sanford, ME***
Bull Moose- Scarborough, ME***
Bull Moose- Salem, NH***
Bull Moose- Portsmouth, NH***
Mardel Stores (chain wide- 35+ stores)
Dimple Records- Sacramento, CA (2 Stores)***
Dimple Records- Roseville, CA***
Dimple Records- Folsom, CA***
Dimple Records- Citrus Heights, CA***
Dimple Records- Elk Grove, CA***
Amoeba Music- Hollywood, CA***
Amoeba Music- San Fran, CA
Family Stores- (chain wide – 300+ stores)
Lifeway Stores (chain wide- 300+ wide)
Silver Platters- Seattle (2 stores)***
Silver Platters- Bellevue***
Silver Platters- Tukwilla***
FYE (+250 stores)
Parable Stores (chain stores- 120+ stores)
Dearborn Music- Dearborn, MI
Exclusive Company- Greenfield, WI
Twist & Shout- Denver, CO ****
Music Millennium- Portland, OR (2 stores) ***

*** Buy the album here and get free Embroidered Five Iron patch


  1. Seems like three days late. But still ten years from then I do know your name.

  2. It’s an ugly rainy day in Asheville, NC but thid makes it all better….times a thousand.

  3. Any way that Kickstarters can buy the patch? Need!

  4. Today is a good day gentlemen…

  5. Will the patch be available online? I pre-ordered the CD without knowing about this beautiful patch. Please tell us we can buy them!!! without having to go and buy another copy of this Cd

  6. No patch for kickstarters? sadness. Want a new patch to go with my old one…

  7. yeah bull moose music!

  8. I will second the cold and rainy in NC, but the day got much better with the email notification that the album was ready to be downloaded. It’s now improved to a “Dark and Stormy Night.” Glad you guys are back!

  9. At this point, the patch that you see above is a promo for indie record stores only. We are in the process of creating embroidered items for the webstore, but that patch is a different design. Once the record shops are out and if there’s a demand, we will consider making more for the webstore. – Brad

    • Well, I actually kind of regret pre-ordering now

      • Buy one for a friend!!

      • Just buy the CD again. These guys need support anyway. No crying my friend!

    • My record store didn’t have a patch. 🙁

    • There is a demand. Trust me.

  10. Hmmm…to drive or not to drive to Portsmouth to pick up a badge…

  11. can anybody else not download the album, or does Itunes just hate me with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns??

  12. Sorry to hear about the vinyl issues, but thanks for the update.

    I ordered the red vinyl as a Christmas gift for my bro. Do you have an idea if they should be shipped in time for Christmas?

    • We hope they will ship in the next week or so. You should be fine. 🙂

      • Still haven’t received the album. Are there still issues?

        • STILL waiting on the CD

          • Did you get your CD?

        • Did you get your album?

  13. Best Buy in AZ is a no go.

    • Several Best Buy’s have reported the album being on backorder. You could have them order it, or you could order it from us right now:

  14. No lifeway stores in chicagoland have the new cd or even hve it in their system.

  15. So, I kickstarted, and I preordered the vinyl, but I have not seen FLAC or WAV options in the two separate digital download emails I recieved. Am I blind, or is that only with the digital purchase?

    • We sent a FLAC link a few weeks back and again tonight. Did you get it?

      • Yes, thank you! Can’t wait to start listening to the record in it’s full quality glory!

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  16. Now, all we need is a live album of the come back tour. I think a live album of the very first come back show would be awesome, but I would take any live album. I couldn’t see the shows because I was in Korea.

    Also, I would love one last album after this. Then you could finish with a nice 12 albums. One album to listen to for every month. It would be beautiful.

  17. Yeah, I do agree that not getting a cool patch with my pre-order was a bit disappointing when anybody at stores could get one. Though that’s not much of an issue since the CD is so good I listened to it what must have been 4 times back to back.

    The tour that just ended was worth it to see your band live, & that’s coming from a big RBF nerd. I discovered you guys in 2006, so to find out you had already broke up was a major bummer for me, so this has been a great year to be a Five Iron fan.

  18. I preordered the red vinyl on November 13th. Sure hope it is here for Christmas.

  19. Any update on when the red will ship out? As others have mentioned I preordered it as a Christmas present and am a little bit uneasy as of right now.

  20. Any idea when the vinly I am getting it as a christmas gift I heard that they will be mail out by christmas.

  21. So the new album’s up but all of your old albums are nowhere to be found? ;_;


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