Bass Lesson & Song Explanation: “Someone Else’s Problem”


This is the fourth of several blog posts explaining the songs we wrote on Engine of A Million Plots. The fourth song on the list is “Someone Else’s Problem.” You can see Scott Kerr, our bass player, give a run through of song. You’ll also find the words to the song and Reese’s explanation below. Please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments. And don’t forget the original disclaimer of this series. If one of these songs means something completely different to you than what Reese says, that’s probably the better explanation. 

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someone else’s problem

You’re cutting some corners,
leave nothing for mourners,
leave nothing for the people
in all those other places.
Just don’t look at their faces,
and you can believe,
that they don’t bleed,
like you.

You want to close your eyes,
you want to make believe
this tangled web you weave,
is nowhere near the place you sleep,
while other people’s lives are cheap,
and all of this is someone else’s problem.

And here lies the problem,
it’s not that you rob them
just look the other way.
Just make some more excuses.
Your life stems from abuses,
of other people’s lives you’ll
never have to see.

Explanation from Reese Roper:

I can quote a million statistics right now, with a ten-minute internet search, to show you how corrupt and ignorant the Western World is to the plight of the rest of the planet. There are more people in slavery today than were carried on slave ships from Africa to the Western Hemisphere during the entire history of the slave trade. Chances are, at least one piece of clothing you are wearing right now was made by children. We live in a society that exists because our governments exploited people. In the United States it was slavery, stealing land, breaking treaties, using immigrants for cheap labor, Jim Crow laws, and paying substandard wages to women and minorities (which is still happening). The list goes on and on. In modern times, because of our 24-hour news cycle, the culpability for such greed has moved from governments to corporations. And yes, you benefit from it. Every time you buy something not manufactured in a handful of responsible countries, you are benefitting from the exploitation of someone else. As a Christian, it is abhorrent to me to think how lazy the Body of Christ has become about this. Statistically, we could end hunger – COMPLETELY ERADICATE ITS EXISTENCE THREE TIMES OVER – by just taking the tithes of the American Church, and spending it on food for the hungry… IN ONE YEAR. Three times over. Imagine how much easier it would be to explain the Love of Christ to other people if they had actually seen us doing something with it.

Here is how you can do something with it:

Disrupt the Business of Slavery – Made In a Free World

Help End Childhood Hunger

Help Provide Access to Safe Drinking Water

Change A Childhood:

Sponsor a Child – Compassion International:

Donate to Feeding America:


  1. Is there a way to see al the previously explained song meanings? Don’t see any links on the main page?

  2. Wow. Nailed it. Thank you

  3. I’m really glad you’ve made a song like this, especially now reading through the meaning behind it, I try to keep up with non-american news sources as well as in-country ones purely because I’ve seen how… ignorant for lack of a better word our media tends to keep us, whether on purpose or by accident. And as a non-christian, seeing a quote like “Statistically, we could end hunger – COMPLETELY ERADICATE ITS EXISTENCE THREE TIMES OVER – by just taking the tithes of the American Church, and spending it on food for the hungry… IN ONE YEAR” this, coming from the lead singer of a religious band… I don’t know how to explain it properly without making it sound like an insult, but it seems like if an atheist or simply a non-christian were to say that, it would just be written off has hate, but coming form a christian band people might actually listen to it. It’s heart-warming in a way I guess.

    TL;DR – Awesome music, awesome meaning, love ya guys <3

  4. Very convicting, thanks for providing some resources to take some action and using your platform to bring attention to an important matter.

  5. Thanks Reese for such a sober and realistic account of the ubiquity of “looking the other way” and/or sheer ignorance of the world’s issues. It’s a sad and daunting reality, no doubt, but that’s why I also appreciate the “here is something you can do” section. And of the hundreds of great organizations doing amazing things that could be mentioned, I’d like to add one more that I’ve had the pleasure of briefly working with.

    Plant With Purpose ( is an organization doing truly sustainable and holistic work around issues of hunger and poverty all over the planet. Check them out!

    (Last I knew, they were planning to establish an office in Denver.)

  6. This song has been a well deserved punch in the gut since the first time I heard it.

    So convicting… It’s hard to imagine how far behind our current position we might be if not for the attrocities that helped jump start the industries in this country…

    Even today- the iphone I’m posting from is only “affordable” because of the manufacturing process… One of low wages and long hours… Like you said – that’s the case with most of our “stuff”…

    Thank you for the resources. Thank you for the song.

    Weirdest feeling; really loving the beat and wanting to dance, while the lyrics make you ill.

  7. On the tithing point:
    Are you saying that the church body isn’t giving as they should?
    Or are you saying that the organizations being given to are misusing the funds rather than solving world hunger?


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