Between the Pavement and the Stars: Song Explanation From Reese

Disclaimer: I hate this. It goes against every fiber of my being to have to explain what a song I have written is about. Not out of some sense of elitist pride or anything, but because I think the most important thing about any piece of art is not what the creator wants it to be, but how it is perceived. For me, there are countless songs that I heard while growing up that have no significance, spiritually or nostalgia-wise, to the artist, but mean the world to me. I don’t want to ruin that for you. That being said, enough people have asked, including the other devious people in my band, so I have been peer-pressured into doing it. Please don’t let this ruin our music for you. Draw your own conclusions, too. And, did I mention that I hate this? I hope you hate it, too. – Reese

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between the pavement and the stars
(Lyrics: Reese Roper)

“Are we losing you now, November-one-two?”,
said the radio, hoping to break through.
“We can get you out, if you’ll just keep on.”
And the plot keeps thickening, so please be strong.
And all this time, you’ve never given up and you’re never giving out.
All this time, you can never go back, but you’ve never had more doubt.

Between the pavement and the stars,
beneath the the weight of years of scars,
burns the same soul-
paint the sky blue.
you’re still you.

Signal’s breaking up, at the edge of night.
Have you lost the will to be in this fight?
Just keep digging in, don’t give up on us yet.
Are we coming in clear, on the radio set?
And all this time, when there’s hardly any day, and hardly ever night
All this time, where you’re halfway in shadows, and halfway in light.

And Love is patient,
it barely crawls.
And Love has only
conquered all.

It hurt me so much to have this song cut from the album. But, Five Iron is a true democracy, and the rest of the band felt the album as a whole would do better with this song being replaced by an update of “It Was A Dark and Stormy Night”. No hard feelings guys, this is what you’re supposed to do in an “explanation”. I’m just explaining. Not at all lamenting the loss of this song. *sniffle*

This song is about a dear friend of mine, who no longer feels that she believes in Christ. I wanted to write a song that somehow said- “You are still this wonderful, beautiful, person after all this time and all the suffering you have had to go through”, and “ Do you feel that? It’s love. God has still got your number.” I tried to paint a picture of someone lost in a battle, and being hailed on a radio- just like Five Iron tries to do sometimes with you. Yeah, just to say “Hang in there,” much like an inspirational poster featuring a kitty. The Mary Poppins lines are most definitely intentional (especially after 6:00). Your soul is beautiful, November-One-Two. Though my love has failed you, His love will not.

Here are some lines I cut from the final song-

Are we losing you now, November-one-two?
has this cruel world, stripped the joy from you?
Is it grinding you, grinding to a crawl?
Dear little girl, Love has conquered all.

And all of us are losing,
all of us are lost.

What the trouble,
vexing fight,
there is no darkness,
only lack of light.


  1. That’s beautiful. You may hate it, but the explanation of this song makes it feel like a 3D song in a 2D world. I’ll never hear it the same lame way again.

  2. I have to agree with Joe. This is a beautiful song.

  3. I have always been a huge fan of your music. I have also been where your friend is and trust me she may have her doubts about Christ but like you said that love is still there. It’ll always be there. I gave up on God a few years ago after I got back from combat in Iraq because I felt that I lost my sense of self worth and the things I saw made me feel like the God I was raised to believe was twisted and I gave up in general to the point i tried to commit suicide (something that is very common in veterans today). When I woke up and realized that I was still alive all I felt was an overwhelming sense of love and peace. I knew then that even though I gave up on God. He never gave up on me. Five iron and brave saint Saturn helped me thru this. So I hope your friend will feel the love and peace again. There is always hope.


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