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We’ve got a new weekly post series starting 7/29/14 explaining what the songs on our new album mean to us. Are you ready for it?

*Disclaimer from REESE:

I hate this. It goes against every fiber of my being to have to explain what a song I have written is about. Not out of some sense of elitist pride or anything, but because I think the most important thing about any piece of art is not what the creator wants it to be, but how it is perceived. For me, there are countless songs that I heard while growing up that have no significance, spiritually or nostalgia-wise, to the artist, but mean the world to me. I don’t want to ruin that for you. That being said, enough people have asked, including the other devious people in my band, so I have been peer-pressured into doing it. Please don’t let this ruin our music for you. Draw your own conclusions, too. And, did I mention that I hate this? I hope you hate it, too.


  1. I hate it too, but I’ve always secretly wanted you to do this

  2. I hear ya Reese, at least you’re not being forced to do it … oh wait … well maybe after all these years it might be cool to hear what meanings FIF fans have taken home from the many years of inspiring and sometimes challenging lyrics. Can’t wait to FINALLY understand “Mayonnaise Taco Monday”!

    • There’s no hidden message in this one at all. It should be plainly obvious to even the most casual listener that Mayonnaise Taco Monday is about the perils of deep space travel when one forgets to pack enough underwear.

  3. Reese where this at The TLA next Friday night! Please include felt mustache!

  4. Wow, that disclaimer is some real post-modernist literary deconstruction! “…I think the most important thing about any piece of art is not what the creator wants it to be, but how it is perceived.” Are you kidding? Because of how one perceives something, the creator of that thing caters his means to the message to a degree. If we applied that same idea to your words, Reese, then I can claim that they say anything I want them to say and rightfully accuse you of whatever I perceived, and you’d have no basis for objecting, “That’s not what I meant.” Your philosophy falls on its face. If you don’t want us to accurately perceive what you say, then why do you say anything? How should I perceive your concern for social justice issues? That you would prefer slave labor sweatshop children to be killed instead of set free? How dare you wish for their deaths! You see, you can’t object that you never said such a thing because according to my perception, what you hold up as most important, you did say such a thing. That’s only a short example. Your post-modern philosophy (about meaning) does not comport with reality.

    • Holy why so serious, Batman.

      I didn’t read any ~postmodern philosophy into it at all (or I’m so entrenched in my own that I don’t really care). I kind of took that to mean something akin to the fact that there is this one Taylor Swift song that reminds me of buying my first house, and brings back ALL THE FEELINGS of that process which was hugely important for me, but really Taylor Swift is just singing about breaking up with some dude. So the song isn’t about homeownership at all but it is for me because it had meaning completely outside of what it actually meant.

      Simmer down, yo.


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