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Tragedy and Prayer

hello friends, today has been so surreal. thank you for your prayers for Denver. there are truly no words for how intense the feelings are around the tragedy that happened last night.

can you believe, i was in the Urgent Care of Denver Health which shares the same Drs. as the emergency room last night, and that i witnessed people arriving fresh from the violence of the Aurora movie theater.

i had gone in at 1am, suffering from a mild bladder infection i have had for 2 days. i had not been seen by 3am and then many people started to come in, many with visible blood on them. someone in the waiting room changed the channel from discovery to 9 news and all the waiting room went silent as those of us waiting learned why we kept hearing announcements: “Ambulance room 2”, “Ambulance room 3″, ” room 4″…etc. and why the wait had been hours long.

There were approximately 11 victims in all brought in ambulances and about a dozen more came in through the front. I saw parents of victims arrive in disbelief, taking turns visiting their children. One woman thanked Jesus that her son was ok.

of course, i decided to leave around 3:30am after talking with a nurse who said my wait would be 4 hours longer. i was stunned and overwhelmed. my friend Katie had been waiting with me, we both felt unsure of what to do. Mostly i wanted to leave knowing that there were so many people out there who needed attention more than i did, the reports said over 39 people were injured. At the time it seemed as if the gunman was still at large. it’s strange to feel fear driving home on familiar streets

I am not sure why God planned for us to be there last night—again, it is all so surreal. there are relived images of Columbine and i am praying for everyone involved and simply floored that the hurting hurt others in such horrible ways. We (in Five Iron) are all okay but again, please lift up our city.



Launching Monday…

Leanor Ortega-Till at Cornerstone 2012 announcing
Five Iron Frenzy’s web store launch.

Opening Monday, July 9, 2012.

Progress Report

Our first show back was amazing. We had so much fun with you guys that night.

It made this return real! 

Thanks to everyone that supported us and made it to the show. Big thanks to Tricia Ortega and Leanor for putting so much work into making it an event not just a show.

We are practicing and gearing up for the three shows we have at the end of the month in CA. I’m super excited! The Glass House in Pomona is sold out, but there are tickets available for House of Blues in San Diego (June, 24 2012).


We have sent out the packages for the shirt, hoodie, kids shirt, 8X10, KS poster, tour poster, canvas print, drum stick, sticker, and post cards.

If you pledged for any of the above and haven’t filled out your survey, you will notice that you haven’t received your items. That’s because we don’t have your info. If you log into your Kickstarter account and look in your messages back in Feb, you should find the survey.

Our next task is sending out the shirts for the CD+shirt bundle & vinyl+shirt bundle, making phone calls, and shipping hand written lyrics.


We are continuing to work hard on the songs for the new album. It’s pretty lame and your going to hate it. (In Five Iron speak that means it’s so awesome you will have to change your pants at least twice per listen)


Sticker Contest

You Could Be The Designer of FIF’s Next Sticker…

…and get into the April 28 Kickstarter show!

How can this be possible you ask? We need some sticker designs.

Got some ideas? Send them in to ASAP.

Deadline for submissions? April 3, 2012.

First Prize: 

– A Kickstarter show ticket (with plus one)
– 25 Stickers of the winning design

Second Prize:

– 25 Stickers of the second place design

The only requirement is that designs are sent to us in a vector art file & Pantone color matches with the design.

FIF in Pomona, CA

Five Iron Frenzy 
Friday, June 22, 2012 

at The Glass House
248 West 2nd Street
Pomona, CA

Get all the information on the show’s page.


Like the new promo pic? We’re back!

FIF’s P.O. Box is Back!

Five Iron Frenzy, after years of being dormant, has an active p.o. box again! Send a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) if you’d like a reply. We can supply the scratch paper and words of encouragement/humor/answers to questions and thank yous.

Five Iron Frenzy
P.O. Box 12314
Denver, CO 80212

If you feel like mailing in some blue combs… send them to Conan.

Leanor is so Thankful!

Denver awaits! I am super excited to give people the tour of Denver. Muchas gracias rockers.

There are still 3 spots left at $500 or more:
Jeff the Girls (and any other available members) tour of Denver, including the Breakfast King, Scum of the Earth Church, old band houses, “Where the Zero meets the 15”, etc. Must pay for own travel expenses. + advanced digital download of album 2 weeks before street raisin, I mean date.

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