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Video Guitar Lesson

Want to know how to play the new song, It Was A Dark and Stormy Night, on guitar? Sonnie will show you how. Check out this Kickstarter backer only update.

For the record…

Hey guys,

Many have expressed curiosity regarding my return to Five Iron, particularly because of my interview in “The Rise and Fall…” DVD. I’ll try and make it brief, but it’s not a question that’s easy to adequately address without a little background. To get right to the point, I am not a Christian. My departure from the band in ’99 was primarily because I didn’t, or couldn’t, believe any more. Those were agonizing years for me. My whole life was built on the Christian faith and I really did want to believe. But the more I thought, prayed, and read about it, the less it made sense. Eventually the time came where I was honest enough with myself to admit I couldn’t keep the faith any longer.

Fast forward a few years and I had what I took to be a genuine religious experience. To be clear, it’s not as though the clouds opened up to reveal a choir of angels. Nor did the virgin Mary manifest in my Cheerios. I simply had a longing to touch the divine; to have someone come to my aid. In that moment of need, and for a couple of years after, I believed that’s what happened. I felt peace, and that was (temporarily) enough to override any of my usual objections. In the months that followed I tried going to church again, and I picked up the bible for the first time in a long time. But I found no comfort there, only reminders of why I abandoned the faith to begin with. Regrettably, this experience had been bereft of any intellectual revelation. I often remarked to friends that if I wanted to remain a Christian I needed to stay as far away from the bible and church as possible. But the Christian faith of my wife and friends was and is a positive thing, at least in the sense that it gives them peace, and helps them put others before themselves. Most of my family and friends are believers, and it can be very difficult, lonely even, to have such different ideas about the world than everyone around you. So I focused on these positive attributes and held on to the memory of my experience. But my faith, if you could call it that, bore little resemblance to anything I previously espoused. Eventually I more or less stopped thinking about it. And as more time passed I came to view my numinous encounter as merely emotional – the last vestige of beliefs I held dear for so many years.

A few more years went by and Stephanie (my wife) and I had our first child (Eliana). As tends to happen at times like these, I suddenly found myself considering my responsibility as a father…thinking about the things I would teach my children. It was an amazing time. I felt like nothing I had previously hoped for or dreamed of mattered by comparison, and these questions were suddenly thrust back to the forefront of my mind. It wasn’t long until I realized I could never look my daughter in the eye and tell her Christianity, or any religion, is true. And so I regained the courage of my secular convictions.

This hasn’t been easy. My wife is still a Christian, and as you can imagine this introduces a whole new set of challenges when raising children. But despite the difficulties, I still love and respect Stephanie and I know she feels the same way about me. Our children will hear both our views and one day make up their own mind. I believe this is a very good thing. And it’s this same dynamic – one of mutual respect, intellectual challenge, and just long-standing friendship that also permeates Five Iron (to say nothing of the love of music). It’s the reason I’m ok with being in a “Christian band”, although many of us are inclined to spurn that moniker. And, without presuming too much, I think it’s why they’re ok with having me. If you asked each of us what Five Iron’s mission is you might get 8 different answers, but from my perspective this band has no agenda other than to be authentic. It’s about honesty. I am interested in a pure, artistic expression, regardless of whether or not I’m of the same opinion as the artist. Reese is a gifted lyricist, and I enjoy his words even though we have very different notions about the world. He talks about struggles with faith in a way that I can relate to, and though we came out of our respective struggles with different ideas I am still moved by the music we all make together.

I’m grateful to my Five Iron cohorts for their friendship, and I look forward to continuing writing songs together. I’m also thankful for all of you fans, and that I have the opportunity to be part of something that makes so many people happy. I hope I’ve made it clear that none of this is meant to provoke anyone. It’s also not an invitation to debate. There may come a time where I feel it’s appropriate to share more detail, but for now I simply want to let you guys know where I’m at. Sorry to wax autobiographical…see you at a forthcoming show!


No, I am Gomez I said.

Can anyone believe how well-received our Kickstarter fundraiser has been? We are humbled, thrilled and excited for what the future holds for Five Iron Frenzy. Obviously the funds have far exceeded our initial goal of $30,000.

Needless to say, we are already working on new material for the album. Because so many people have graciously given we have broadened our horizons to shows and festivals! We are also in the process of combining our schedules (all of us do have full time committed day jobs as well as families) and will keep you posted on future shows.

We want you all to know we do not take lightly the fact that so many of you long to see us play live once again. That being said, please keep in mind we are looking at the big picture when it comes to the future of FIF, and evaluating what your generous pledges have made possible. Once the fundraiser has ended and we’ve paid the fees owed to Kickstarter, Uncle Sam, the cost to fulfill the pledge rewards, recording expenses, and promotion, we will have a much better idea of what we can accomplish, and how often we can play.

We are excited to get out there again and see you at the shows!

100k? Seriously? You guys rock!

Happy Thanksgiving! Since you’ve been so ridiculously awesome we are going to send all you Kickstarter backers a special sticker. It’ll say something like “I AM THE REASON”, or ” I BROUGHT THEM BACK FROM THE DEAD”. We don’t know yet, but it’ll be marginally awesome.

Our First Undead Show!

The Walking Frenzy

Kickstarter exclusive show!!!
Come see us at our first concert in 8 years. It will be in Denver – Date and Venue TBD. We will give you at least 2 months notice. + advanced digital download of album 2 weeks before street date.

500 tickets will be sold on Kickstarter only. Just 478 left! Reserve your spot now:

Editor’s Note: [11.28.2011] Due to fan requests the number of tickets sold will be 250. All will include a +1.

hey hey, leanor here.

just wanted to let you know we are so grateful for all of you! and to prove it i am going to get a Five Iron PO Box again! excited for the letters, pictures, and mix cds! keep an eye on our website for more info sometime next week.


New & Updated Items Posted on Kickstarter

Hey kids,

We’ve heard your cries and have come up with a few new pledge items. New and updated Five Iron Frenzy items are being posted to the Kickstarter right now! These include:

– Hoodies

– New record on vinyl w/t-shirt bundle. (limit 500)

– CD and shirt bundle.

– Vinyl of new album. (limit 500)

– Kickstarter exclusive show.
(limit 500, Time and Denver, CO Location TBD)

– Give Reese a wedgie. (limit 5 – must be over 18!)

– Silkscreened Poster. (limit 200)

We’ve also upped the backer limits to a few items that had sold out. Check ’em out!

Alternate Download Locations for New Song

We have been slammed with download requests for the new song in the last 12 hours and have easily hit our hosting limits. If you are trying to download our new song and our website is giving you an ugly message here are some alternative places to get it for free:


Hope you hate the new song!
-Five Iron Frenzy

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