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A Note from FIF:
We can’t believe it has actually been 8 years ago today that we rocked out with you at the Fillmore in Denver, on a snowy evening as we celebrated our last show. Now, all these years (and marriages and kids) later we feel the desire to write new material and make a record!

So, down to business:
We need your support now more than ever. The inspiration and energy to create an amazing record is there but this time we will be working without the support of a label. This gives us incredible artistic freedom, but it also means we need to raise our own financing.

Our hope is to release an album in 2013, ten years after our initial final show. We are shooting for the financial goal of $30,000. Your pledges will be used to pay for demoing new material, recording, mixing, mastering, and associated travel expenses.

Keep in mind, this budget covers making the album only. Every dollar we raise over $30,000 will be used for such things as promotion of the album once it’s released because we think it would be great to have this album reach as many people as possible! Additional funds could also enable us to play some shows, because yes, we would love to play shows! We will keep you posted every step of the way.

We have recorded this song for you as a little taste of our new material. We are super proud of how it turned out and hope you rock out to it and share it with your friends.

Thank you so much, every one of you for all the love, kindness, support, humor, prayers and friendship you have shown us since 1995. To our absolute joy this band continues to be more than just a band to many of you….and you are more than just folks at a show to us. If the past is any indication of the future we may all be in for a very wild ride.

Sincerely yours,
Five Iron Frenzy

Five Iron Frenzy’s Kickstarter Project:

“It Was A Dark and Stormy Night”
written by Five Iron Frenzy
produced by Jeremy SH Griffith and Scott Kerr
engineered and mixed by Jeremy SH Griffith

P.S. If you aren’t familiar with our band and would like to donate, thank you very much! We hail from the land of ice and snow; Denver, CO. You can ask some cool people about us and keep up with our ventures at


  1. Dudes, go back to ska. That is where you ruled. This sounds like the same junk you released on your last two albums.


  3. My friend and I were watching the DVD a couple months ago talking about how awesome it would be if there was a reunion, but quickly gave up hope. I cannot tell you how stoked I’ve been all day long! I was at the last show at the Philmore. One of my favorite, most intense concert experiences ever!

  4. i remember back in ’99 got my first playstation and it blew my mind. i became a freak and you gotta try to beat… sit down and take your turn.

  5. Nice. I just recently found my photo of 17 year old me and Jeff The Girl.

    I still have the studio ROUGH cut of Our Newest Album Ever, and hope someone in the band still has my old bands demo that I gave you guys. (it’s the one that was recorded over Michael Jackson’s Thriller)

    Awesome Thanksgiving news.

  6. Not gonna lie, first thing I thought when I heard that you guys were back was a whole lot of “AHHHHHHHHHH!” (extended for a good 30 seconds) mixed with a “THIS is what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving! Oh…yeah…and other stuff, like food and shelter and all that jazz.” Really, that was the food poisoning talking, I AM incredibly thankful for all that God has blessed me (not least of all, salvation in Jesus Christ by faith alone), but I am ALSO thankful for you guys and your awesome music (old and new!)

  7. On the farewell tour, I saw the shoe in Decatur IL, and then drove with 7 other dudes in a van overnight to Denver to see the final show. We were in the front row. We yelled that we found Reese’s comb and it made it on the album. I cried that night because they were breaking up. I would willingly do it again.

  8. I was hoping for a reunion tour, but this is totally crazy!

  9. THIS IS SO INSANE! I’m not saying we are directly responsible, but I think my room mate and I are directly responsible for this band getting together.

    Two nights ago, we were sitting up talking about God and the good ‘ol days when we became Christians. We started discussing the bands that influenced us at the time and how we regretted the fact that several of them are not currently together any more.

    Eventually, we came upon the subject of FIF, and we literally talked about the band (history, members, music, etc.) for an hour or two. We had our computers up, and watched a few of their music videos and listened to our favorite songs… “what a sad thing that these guys just aren’t together anymore…” “what a unique voice that young man Reese had” “how incredibly fantastic and charming is this music?” etc. etc. etc. and on into the night.

    And less than two days later, we find out this information, randomly, as my roommate is prompted to search out what the band members are up to these days…

    Either you have microphones in my house somewhere… or my roommate and I are prophets. I’m actually fine with either case…


  10. One of the best Thanksgiving presents I could have imagined! 🙂 Seriously, we praise the LORD for Five Iron! (P.S. Go, Colorado!)


    So how could this happen? Well clearly Five Iron fans never forget! And we never ever stop loving the most amazing band we grew up with. Fortunately for a lot of us this means a second chance! Many, many of Five Irons most faithful fans have never even been to a show. They were led to Five Iron AFTER the band ceased to exist. All they were left with was friends with stories of that last sold out show. How amazing and emotional it was. So all they could do is buy the FIF DVD and watch over and over or listen endlessly to Five Irons Frenzys many albums. Wishing, waiting that the band would get back together so they could see a show. Well fans. As crazy as it seems. It is a reality.

  12. I feel like a little fire just kicked on inside me. A part of me died that day in November 2003. I am ecstatic and definitely going to donate. You guys have given me so much over the years through your music, it’s time for me to give back.

    I listened to the track, but can’t figure out how to download it. Maybe it’s my browser? I’m using Chrome on OSX Lion. Can anyone help?

    • download it from their purevolume page

  13. I’m gonna cry… I’m so excited to listen to that awesome miracle of the music…
    God bless you guys and play SKA a lot!!

    Now my day got better than ever!!

  14. Yes! So excited! Its been, what, 8 years? Close to 10. I still know all your names. 😀 Welcome back! I became a fan after you were not a band anymore. Now I can finally make it to a show! ROCK ON!

  15. Guys, you are being LOVED in the Czech Republic. And surely this is a love affair that’s gonna last a lifetime.

    There is a lot of musicians, bands and songwriters that are much more famous than you are, but you always were and will be the lifechanger band for me, and lots of other people… …for being close to every kid’s crippled life and heart, in the way all the other bands failed to follow, in every single of your songs you were there for us (I mean even in those silly ones :)). You always cheered me up, when I was down. Often when I went out very, very late at night and played one of your albums I usualy ended up in prayers that started some change in my life. It’s because you always put your hearts on the table through your music for both God and your fans. I was always driven to be closer to Him and other people around me when I listened to your music. What I am trying to say is simple, It is good to know You are back!

  16. Dude, so awesome! I remember seeing you guys in Elgin, IL, and it was one of the best shows I ever saw.


  17. I first saw FIF in concert when I was 12 years old and I never forgave myself for not seeing the Farewell Tour…but now your back! It’s like a dream come true! <3

  18. Sweet can’t wait now i can see you guys live,I didn’t find out about FIF till too late. Sooo glad your back! Thanks ad God bless

  19. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

  20. I am just really glad to see my favorite band back together again. I know it’s not going to last forever, but I hope you guys realize you have all the love & support from all of your greatest fans.

    I pray the best for all the F.I.F. kids (born recently & the ones that are married), the Scum of the Earth church & for all the fans that You guys have touched throughout the years.

    God has certainly blessed you with gift… thank you for not letting that gift go to waste, but rather sharing that gift with the world of pierced noses, tattoos & the insatiable need to skank to wonderfully thought out moosic. Much love & respect.

  21. Im a deployed soldier with a lot of heart break and sadness everyday. And hearing that your making a new album brought me so much needed joy and happiness.


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