Into Your Veins: Music Video & Explanation


Here it is, as promised, a few days late. The first of several blog posts explaining the songs we wrote on Engine of A Million Plots. The first song up is “Into Your Veins.” We recently released a new music video for the song via along with an interview with Andy. You can see the new music video below, the words to the song and Reese’s explanation. Please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments. And don’t forget the original disclaimer of this series. If one of these songs means something completely different to you than what Reese says, that’s probably the better explanation. 

“Into Your Veins” by Five Iron Frenzy
From their album “Engine of a Million Plots”

Anthem Films
Director: Djay Brawner
Editor: Reese Roper

Video premiered online first at

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into your veins

To steal the wind from your lungs
to take the breath from your lips.
I am trafficking bliss.
I sell wholesale with a kiss.
I am a dealer of words.
I’ll suck the buzz from your scene,
and sell it right back to you,
before I get away clean.
Before I get away clean.
This is your stereo
and your speakers are blown.
In this scenario
we are the Guns of Navarone.
This is a mutiny.
This is a masquerade.
This is the pin pulling from a ticking hand grenade.

Shoot each word into your veins.
Sing until you can’t feel pain.
(You’re going down hard,
you’re going down fast,
you’re going down like this might be your last.)

We are your own parasite,
a wind blown pilot light.
Sinking like a lead balloon,
something you cooked in a spoon.
This a firing line.
This is Sweet Caroline.
This is a slot machine.
This is a prison camp- minus any Steve McQueen.

To bind up the brokenhearted,
We came here to bleed.
To bind up the brokenhearted,
you know what you need.

Explanation of the song by Reese Roper:

This is probably the most cryptic song I have ever written for Five Iron. Also, it is probably the most recycled topic. I have broached this topic in All the Hype (Our worst song ever?), Eulogy, See the Flames Begin to Crawl, and also in Roper with the song Day of Pigs. It’s just the idea that I think people love to substitute the high they get from loving a band and their music, or their experience at a concert- for a meaningful relationship with God. Here at Five Iron Frenzy Inc. LLC, we used to jokingly refer to it as the “church-camp high”. There are an awful lot of people that are upset with us at shows now, because we haven’t been very preachy or ended any of our concerts with worship songs like we did sometimes in Five Iron’s first incarnation. I am quite disturbed by this, and here is why: as a band, our policy has always been to be honest with everyone. For me personally, this is an enormous burden, albeit very worthwhile. We have made no excuses about having two Atheists in our band in its present form. They are two of my best friends, and that friendship means the world to me. I have been very intentional about not speaking about Christ from the stage unless it is in reference to the song we are then performing- because I feel that it would be dishonest. It wouldn’t be right for me to just ramble off some mini-sermon because I have the loudest microphone, when it wasn’t something that everyone on stage felt was true.

The problem is that people keep coming to our shows for something that we are not giving them. Honestly, it is something that we never had. I can be loving, and I can worship God. I can share His love and mercy, even His truth- but I cannot be God. No matter what you felt at any Five Iron show, old or new, it wasn’t us. Unless it was a genuine sense of entertainment, or you just love mediocre music played by middle-aged people. We cannot give that feeling back to you, because it was never us giving it to you. It was the Lord. (Disclaimer: If you don’t believe in the Lord, it may still have been Him. Just leaving all the options out there. Or, it may have been alcohol, or catecholamines in your bloodstream. Those two things you can recreate with chemicals, and don’t need Five Iron Frenzy for, so please save your money for those things instead. Winking smiley face.)

My hope, is that if God is real, and He really loves us- He can speak to you without us hurting our friends by preaching or doing worship out of a sense of obligation. My attempt to keep our shows like this has everything to do with my love for my friends and my love of God, compelling me to be honest and truthful. I really do want to have worship from stage again, but to be honest about it, it would have to be led by the Holy Spirit, and not some fear that we would be letting down our fans or some absurd notion that God couldn’t speak without us. That is complete foolishness. If this bothers you, here is what I ask: please pray that the Holy Spirit does lead us into worship during a show- but that He does so through the Atheists, that they are compelled to stop what they are doing and just worship the Lord. I promise you, if that were that to happen, they would thank you for it.

TL:DR – People keep trying to use our music as something akin to a drug or to replace a genuine relationship with God, and that sucks. I throw out a bunch of cool sounding phrases as metaphors for whatever people want to get from our band that we are not giving them (Note: The original title of this song was Somehow There Is A Metaphor in All of This), then in the chorus, I tried to drive it home by saying “Shoot each word into your veins…”. You know, like heroin, or whatever the kids are doing these days instead of learning math and science. Lastly, I used my one good songwriting trick- and tried to resolve it in the bridge. Yes, that is a reference to Psalm 147:3, and Isaiah 61:1- both prophecies about the coming of Jesus Christ, and that He would heal the world. That’s what I believe you need, real love, and to be healed- not the mediocre ramblings of an over-the-hill ska band.


  1. Love it. Thanks Reese 🙂

  2. Reese is awesome, more Christians should be like him.

    • You kind of missed the point of this explanation, didn’t you?

      • Yes and no, I think what both Reese and 5tefan are getting at is the tendency of some Christians to force their faith on others.

        Personally, it pains me when I see Christians attacking someone who holds a different belief, whether that’s a completely different religion or even just a different denomination. Doing so, just pushes people away from Jesus.

  3. I love the passion! The energy is inspiring. The performances, your at your best. The look, like a good wine.

    Looking forward to you closing out SoulFest.

    Love you guys

  4. I’ve listened to and loved Five Iron since 1996. Was a fairly devout Christian then and am certainly not one now. One of the things that’s kept me listening to the records and going to the shows is just that: the honesty. It speaks volumes.

    Well-written, good sir.

    • Seriously, nothing makes more genuine art than honesty. Even a bunch of middle-aged hobby musicians can make better art than 90% of the garbage out there – simply because they’re genuine and honest.

    • This…
      Exactly this.

  5. This releases a lot of frustration I’ve had. First off, thanks for coming back. It was definitely a brave move. Secondly, thank you for coming to Tulsa. Seeing you all after 10 years has been one of my favorite nights, next to getting married (at least that’s what I tell my wife).

    Other folks at the show were quick to whine “aww, why not Every New Day?” It seems as though they are not well understood of what this reincarnation is (and I’m not saying I’m any expert either). But for the most part, I understand and the honesty that is being conveyed is refreshing and empowering, so I really hope you know that. Faith, “The Church”, “Christianity” and “Anything else I can put in quotation marks” have been extremely frustrating as of late, so again; thank you for being refreshing. Thank you for being consistent.

    I will say, please do not refrain from imitating Michael Sweet. However, you may want to save your vocal chords. Or, you could always recite the birth of a star out of an encyclopedia from the stage.

    • Wow, so when I saw them in 2013 and they closed with Every New Day that was a pretty cool exception?

  6. Thanks Reese!

  7. im roman catholic and not very religious but FIF makes me feel something inside that is religious. their passion and words are powerful to me and i respect anything that they do

    • That feeling is exactly what this song is about. Don’t mistake that feeling as the band doing, it’s God’s work in you.

  8. Reese really great stuff. Love your LOVE for your band-mates & disdain for the Frankenstein we “Christians” have created.

    Two books people may want to check out that may help you relate to people and get out of the Christian Bubble are….

    -FLESH: Bringing the Incarnation Down to Earth by Hugh Halter (Denver CO’s very own)
    -Speaking of Jesus: The Art of Not-Evangelism by Carl Medearis

  9. Well done video. I will pray for the athiests in FIF and for genuine Holy Spirit experiences. Thanks for explaining the song. I can tell you have seriously thought about this topic and the fact that you wrote a song with sincere meaning and disclose that meaning to us shows you are about connecting honestly with listeners. Some song writers never explain anything leaving listeners feeling disconnected, confused, or too dumb to get it. And for those of us who can’t let meaning go, we are forever on a wild goose chase. Many times after reading through a songs lyris I feel the writer doesn’t want me to understand what they were saying. Like their speaking in some elitist code to keep me out. Or trying to be mysterious in effort to be cool. Or maybe they are just making rhyms in a flash so they could have a song to sell. So, I appreciate the communication and that you have welcomed us all into your honest thoughts. FIF has always been careful to treat listeners like real people and not just as a market to sell to. Awesome!

    • Keep your prayers to yourself. It’s patronizing and arrogant to “pray for the Atheists”.

      • I could be wrong but I don’t think Reese really meant it that way. It sounds like from his experiences he is being approached by Christians who want the good old days back where five iron ended every show with worship songs. Since they’re not doing that anymore, he’s suggesting an alternative to those that are confused, upset and confrontational: pray. Not to be condescending to “the atheists” but because it’s God who enables people to believe in the first place. And until everyone in five iron is on the same page in terms of belief, the old way isn’t coming back. So it may come across as derogatory but really I think it’s out of sensitivity and preserving the lifelong friendships in the band that Reese suggested the fans pray rather than complain or criticize.

  10. I’ve been a fan for about 16 years, my first tattoo was a FIF tattoo, I still call FIF my favorite band, and I can not express how much this means to me. I was a Christian during the first incarnation, from about five years old, but my faith changed and fell away, starting right before the break up. The end is near/here became the soundtrack to my deconversion, just as boogaloo was the soundtrack to when Christianity was hard because of the church but I still pressed on, and ONAE was the soundtrack to high school and jr. High (all the hype blended the two). I actually remember trying to get the same high I used to at the last concert I saw before the break up and feeling so broken I couldn’t. It was a hard night for me. I had nothing but questions and hurt. I wasn’t sure if have a place to live or people to love me if I was honest about my feelings, which just made me bitter at my faith. I didn’t want my departure to come from bitterness, thankfully time helped me step back and look at it more rationally, and emotionally, but more in regards to how I felt inside rather than just being angry at followers and institutions (not that that is an invalid reason to leave, if you think the followers do represent who the god is).

    Years later when I saw you guys in Dallas, I was so scared. I was worried I would feel something and have to rethink everything, or not feel something and feel pressured to, then lost in the crowd. And Dallas, with their religiosity, is scary as it is for someone like me (I have a big sign on my forehead that says “I’m not a Christian and I stand for just everything you frown on, so come witness to me as though I’d never witnessed to someone myself” (of course I tried to scrub it off, but it’s stained on there pretty good). I was beyond relieved though when the show got going. I was thirteen again, but this time I had autonomy and understanding. I felt the urge for headspace, for the high, but I knew better what was happening in my body and mind, and allowed myself to have fun, and get emotional, without faking or forcing a relationship with a god I don’t believe in. I was filled with dread at the end, I got legitimately scared even. But that came and again, I experienced it without it having to change my life or evoke visions. I was small and it was dark, and I felt hope, joy and peace, not because of Jesus, but because I got to connect with a part of me I thought I threw away. I felt like my youth belonged to Christianity, belonged to my old church or my family. But it doesn’t. It’s still mine, I still have a right to it. And that night it was simply being represented by me dancing like an idiot to a silly band that I will always love. You made that space safe for me, welcomed me in. Just the fact that there were atheists on stage (although I’m actually pagan, not an atheist), I felt like I was allowed to be there, welcomed, and not merely tolerated by Christians who “owned” the space.

    So thank you Reese. I feel very good about this being one of my favorite songs from you.

    • “I felt like my youth belonged to Christianity, belonged to my old church or my family. But it doesn’t. It’s still mine, I still have a right to it. And that night it was simply being represented by me dancing like an idiot to a silly band that I will always love.”

      This spoke to me. Thank you!

  11. Well said Reese thank you. This and your recent blog post sum up my faith lately. I throughly enjoy this song and yearn for God’s word & love to “shoot into my veins”. Thanks for being genuine.

  12. I think for those of us whose faith over the years has shifted from having a fixed point to being more of a set of moving parts really latched on to you guys as a point of comfort in a — shall I say — sea of troubles? 😉 And like you say here, there is something dishonest about that; it’s not your job to hold that position in the emotional lives of your fans. But at the same time, the lines between dysfunctional love and real love, emotional masturbation and a needed catharsis aren’t always so clear. Moving parts, and all that.

    Anyways, I will chew on what you say here — for this post-evangelical something-or other, it’s going to make the experience of going to your concerts & getting my substitute-camp-high on really…post-modern, or something. 🙂 Much love.

    • (Don’t think I can edit but also wanted to say this song kicks ass, I love that you’re doing this blog post stuff, and the videos coming out give me chills — if that’s ok to say! haha!)

  13. Better over the hill than under it!

  14. So…what you’re saying is the door is open for combat chuck?

    But seriously, I couldn’t agree more. I was a bit bummed you guys didn’t play every new day at the last gig, but I think that’s my problem more than anybody’s, and I’d gladly trade 3:50 of worship time to have a band out there who will be brutally honest about matters of faith, including and especially the dark stuff. We as a church have long needed that. Well done!

  15. I will certainly pray for the atheists in the group and that you continue to be honest, Hopefully the Holy Spirit will move in one of your shows.

  16. Thanks, Reese, for your honesty and for respecting the FIF fans by being real with us. Communication is good and helpful. Yes, I’ve missed the ‘worship’ in your concerts, but I do believe Jesus modeled caring and compassion for people in the face of being ‘religious’. Your love for the hearts of your band members and the people in the audience is evident and powerful, a channel through which the Holy Spirit can work.

  17. I get it. Your explanation just proves what I thought the song is about. It also reinforces my respect for FIF. I have Faith, no matter what band I am listening to or who is doing the preaching. I do my human best to love all people, whether they share the same views as I do or not.
    I have always been a fan/friend/critic…It seems that I like this incarnation/rebirth of FIF more.

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  18. You’re right. It IS a cryptic song. I had asked myself a few times why the hell FIF was putting out songs with seeming drug-use metaphors. I was also weirded put by the somewhat grandiose sounding lyrical themes, which seemed a bit out of character for the band in general. Not that any of that hampered my taste for the song. It might not be my favorite song on EOMP but it definitely has the highest lasting quality….as in I’m STILL not tired of hearing it and it gets stuck in my head like no other song on the album. And the way the horns pierce through the last refrain of the chorus = Perfect.

    Anyway, I guess I understand the song a little better now. You were for the irony like on “All the Hype” but much more subtle, not as silly, and much less crappy.

    Though, to be fair, “All the Hype” is not FIF’s worst song. You have a few songs that are WAY worse that one….like some really, really bad ones.

  19. 🙂

  20. This is a fantastic response. You guys continue to be great leaders. Love the open and honest approach and the courtesy and love you guys genuinely have for each other.

  21. So awesome to hear what these songs mean from their composers. Love this. Thanks for the honesty Reese. I will be praying for the band.

  22. One of the things I liked most about Five Iron Frenzy is some of the pot shots they took at the Christian subculture while being in the midst of it. To me you guys always seemed to understand where you were and what needed changing. In fact, one of my favorite lyrics from you guys comes from the song “Litmus” — “You said preach, they said rock, you put my God inside a box.” — This lyric spoke volumes to me as a teenager and was the beginning of my understanding just exactly what was happening with the Christian music industry.

    Personally, I’m glad this iteration of of FIF is outside the constraints of the Christian subculture that essentially made them popular. It frees you guys up to attack some of the problems with that subculture (while still embracing the better aspects of it). I think the first single off Engines started that in a big way.

    You guys keep doing what you’re doing because I’m going to keep listening. Honesty in art always shines through. It’s like Kid Rock says “…but if it’s real, you’ll feel it.”

  23. I pray for you guys !!
    Words are just words without living christianity.
    And never forget: GOD HATES RELIGION.
    The holy spirit sometimes speek with me when a listen some of your musics. But I now it was Him.
    God is creative but simple, we’re just a bunch of fools complicating it all.

    May God be with you, always.

  24. “My hope, is that if God is real, and He really loves us- He can speak to you without us hurting our friends by preaching or doing worship out of a sense of obligation.” I was at the K-zoo show and this could not be more true. I came expecting God to move in new ways, as He has with the band. I was not disappointed. The end of the set moved me to tears, and Leanor was kind enough to talk with me afterward, saying she’d noticed my emotion and wanted to pray with me. That’s what makes FIF amazing. Individually and as a band, you are genuine.

  25. That’s pretty much the way I see it, I don’t think it’s all about being this way (preaching from the stage) or that way (not preaching from the stage), but more about the message (if there be any) of the music! Let the listener get what they choose out of it, just present it with honesty of heart and God will do the rest! By the way, this song is one of my favorites from the album, which has actually peeked my interest in Five Iron Frenzy! (I also like your explaination as to why you try not to kill spiders!)

  26. “mediocre music played by middle-aged people” should be the title of your next album. I’d buy it.

  27. Thanks Reese for your willingness to knock yourself off the pedestal and also for your willingness to see your music/performance as part of your love and witness to your bandmates.

    While I appreciate the way your words have invited me to adore Jesus in the past, I realize that worship is so much more than FIF has been and will ever be.

    P.S. Wish you could play a show in West Africa. Not much chance I’ll make it stateside to see you guys.

  28. Thanks Reese for approaching a complicated issue with both boldness and honesty, while also recognizing that a large part of your “performance” is not for the audience’s whims but an expression of love for your bandmates. Isn’t it like you to knock yourself off the pedestal? While I realize that your words have often led me to adore Jesus, I know that worship is ultimately more than FIF was or will ever be.

    P.S. Wish you would play a show in West Africa! Not much chance I’ll be stateside before you guys are too old to keep going :).

  29. Honestly, I’m more offended that you’re not wearing suits and skinny ties. I think this band was much better when Eric Stefani was in it.

  30. Awesome post, thanks so much for explaining the meaning behind the song! Based on your recent concert experiences it sounds like I may be the exception, but I’ve always loved Five Iron first for your musicianship and second for what you sang about (it was a close second though).

    I love how, whether singing about pooter-mobiles, Columbine High, the Second Coming of Christ or Pre-Ex-Girl-Friends you have always been so true to yourselves! I know that was difficult then and I can’t imagine it being any easier at all today.

    All that to say, these lyrics have been going straight over my head this whole time and it just so happens they speak directly to my entire christian experience as a teenager. Thank you for breaking it down, this will make repeat listens all the more enjoyable

  31. I have been humbled by your words today. I was one of the faithful shouting “every new day” at one of your recent shows. The reasoning that I gave to myself was that the crowd needed to hear it. We also had many first-time concert goers, lifetime listeners in the audience and I just wanted them to experience the weight and gravity of that song during close the same way that I and others had in the past.

    However, after understanding this cryptic song and how it speaks to the faults of people seeking a “high” I can understand why Reese is disturbed by this.

    I still believe that I was seeking the right thing, for others to experience the same sort of spiritual moving that I had; but I now understand that honesty is a trait to value above others.

    God bless, and Thank You.

  32. Keep being true to who you are (and, not to get too “churchy”) called to be – that resonates with me and obviously many others who, in the journey through life have seen what we thought we knew of the Church change significantly. You call the album “dark” but I think that it’s also very real and that works for me. Good to see you all together again, having fun and encouraging us to slog through whatever reality we find ourselves in towards God’s love for us. Thank you!

  33. I’m months away from my first national release. I’m the only practicing Christian in my band. I honestly come back to you all and try to learn as much as I can. After reading this I’ll pray hard about what to say from the stage and in the songs. It’s not an easy thing to be a leader, much less be leaders who are incredibly honest. I’ve talked with Scott and Andy on many occasions. I just love the honesty and mutual respect you all have for each other. In my opinion, that love shared preaches more powerfully than any FIF song. Well done.

  34. On people commenting on Every New Day. I know for some it is “worship” however for most I believe they just want to hear it bc it is one of FIF’s best songs!! Andy and Scott both said in the documentary that they love playing that song. It’s simply special.

    Also, I liken it to Punk Rawk Show by MXPX. If MXPX didn’t close with it at their shows, fans would be like “HUH?!?”

    So, I say FIF continue playing it with a clear conscience. If some band members and fans want to worship with it, great. If some band members and fans want to rock out with it, great. No harm. No foul. Have freedom! It’s your closer that everyone should experience and enjoy!

    • This is the right answer.
      Yes this post is a year late.

  35. I am actually deeply moved by this.I’ll be praying for the atheists in this band.If you are one of the atheists in FIF reading this comment,just know that I mean no offense to you,and you might hate that I’m praying for you.But if God reveals Himself to you,and you accept his unfailing love,you won’t regret it.Anyway,this is my favorite song by you guys,and thanks for making awesome music that honors our Savior,Jesus Christ.

  36. I love it. I love you. Thank you for your Christ-like and loving posture toward your fans, bandmates and worship in general.

  37. You nailed it! I have led worship in churches for a long time and have had to defend the “not so” Christian who has a desire to play. I’ll be the first to tell you, nothing,anyone person in any band I have been in, have persuaded the spirit of worship, other than the Holy Spirit. It works, I’ve had the joy of seeing people in very dark places open their eyes, if even for a couple of minutes, to see the Spirit. And all it takes is that honesty. Love you guys and pray for you all!

  38. Wow – this is why I love FIF. I was a Christian when I first encountered your music (circa 1998), and I am still an active Christian today. I have to say that FIF’s authenticity is what I find most attractive. This explanation only reaffirms that. I also really love the lyrics and the not overtly way that they glorify God.

    Having been caught up in Christian hype as part of my walk when I was a teenager, this song and Day of Pigs have always spoken to me. I think I’ve quoted parts of Day of Pigs to several Christians before. I love the line “ God was loosing in a football game.” It has meant a lot to me as I’ve aged (32 now!) and have been driven to find a consistent faith rather than sharp ups and downs.

    Personally I loved hearing you guys in Houston. While I missed not hearing dandelions (maybe because it’s my favorite song of all time!) – the music was still amazing and I enjoyed the show for what it was – good music and great entertainment. The fact that their were religious overtones but nothing overtly Christian was just icing on the cake.

    I want to share a story with you Reese & FIF (publicly on a message board – LOL). I gave your CD’s to a friend of mine in highschool 15 years ago. He was not a believer at the time. I told him the band was amazing and had a great bass player because he was also a bass player. He fell in love with your music without ever recognizing you guys as a “christian” group. Later on, when I told him you guys were “christian”, he didn’t even care. He really loved the Pants song! I got a call from him a few weeks ago (15 years later mind you and totally out of the blue – we hadn’t seen each other or really spoken since highschool!). He called to tell me he had decided to follow Christ in College, had gone to seminary, and was a youth pastor. He wanted to thank me for giving him the CDs and said they were one of the seeds planted in his life. He said that the message they contained was working on him over the years. I thought that was really cool and thought you might like to hear it too.

    Thanks FIF! Thanks for being authentic. Thanks for not holding back. Thanks for making good music. Please come back to Houston!

  39. This Jewish guy once told me that the word ‘heart’ in “love the Lord your God with all your heart…” was the Hebrew word that meant “the seat of the emotions”.

    I think that if someone is inspired by some lyrics to feel a sense of emotion for God then it is just their own love for God coming out. It never implied that they were experiencing God from you or your music as the source, just that your music inspired something in them that was felt because it opened their heart to the Spirit that was already the source inside of them. At the same time someone who hates God may feel an exact opposite emotion at the mention of Jesus Christ.

    So I vehemently disagree that it sucks, rather I think it is just a misunderstanding, and hopefully we don’t end up mocking them for it.

    “Go in peace!”

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  40. Now that I think about it maybe this misunderstand IS what sucks, in that case, yeah. Either way I am glad you guys put on such an excellent show! Here’s hoping for another album 😉

  41. Thank you for the explanation! Very good points. The honesty and vulnerability with humor is what has always made this a great band and a great group!

    As a side note I like the song Eulogy. The harmonies get me every time!

    Thank you!

  42. I’m seeing a lot of the same things on here repeated over and over again. I wonder how many us who were there since the beginning and felt the presence of God in our lives have simply grown out of our Christianity in this last over a decade? And how many like myself are no longer Christians because of the church and other Christians?

    One lyric from FIF always has stuck with me, “Do all rivers lead to one sea?”. That simple line has always illuminated my doubt, most people don’t really understand my faith and it’s a a little hard to explain but it’s called Perennialism and it’s my answer to that question. I just don’t think that Christians can be the only ones who are right, I think everybody who really believes is and I thank Reese for that question because without it my faith always felt like such a sham.

    • Paul mentions in one of the epistles that people in ancient times still understood the truth on some level, and so there is some truth to what you say. However, he continues by saying that Jesus came to reveal the truth more completely. One of my primary difficulties with the idea of Perennialism or Pluralism is that adherents often suffer from the same problem they claim afflicts the traditional religions: namely that they are the sole holders of truth.
      I understand the attraction, being that there are sincere believers among all religions, but I also know that it is possible to be sincere in a belief and yet wrong.
      “Do all streams lead to one sea?” It’s a question, and in a literal sense, I would have to say “No.” In a figurative sense, my conclusion is also “No.”
      The question from this that many ask me is whether I believe all those sincere believers who never get to hear the gospel are going to hell. The shortest answer I can give is that the Bible tells me my story, not theirs. What the Bible does tell me is that God is loving and just, and so I do not need to fear for them.
      I hope this does not feel like an attack, but simply a thoughtful reply to a major concern. If it does seem to attack, my sincere apologies.

  43. Is that position incompatible with playing SoulFest?

  44. This song is great and the message is spot on.

  45. I love you guys. i was going to say to death, but then I read the explanation for this song. It helped me realize that was idolizing you a little. Thanks for setting me straight. Although I wish the shipping for your online store wasn’t so expensive. #canadianproblems

  46. I enjoyed your music your first time around because it was quirky and had great horns, but also because you guys seemed to be having a great time and to be really happy that God loved you. The challenging social Gospel was good, but to be honest I can listen to a lot of different musicians and hear about the problems in the world. The thing I loved, and still love, about those songs was the inclusion of Jesus, the frankness that being a Christian and living a godly life is not simple.

    It is no more honest for the perspective of the Christian members of the band to be silenced than it is to force non-Christians to worship, and it guts what, in my opinion, was the best part of FIF.

    I appreciate and respect your sensitivity to their beliefs, and if the comments on this board and the reviews I’ve seen online are anything to judge by, I’m in the significant minority, so I don’t expect you to change anything, but I do think it’s worth you knowing that I was thrilled to find you on Spotify, but that you don’t have any of what drew me to you before. I wish you all very well, but if your current album is where your going, I’ll not be going there with you.

    I hope you all seek a way to express all of your conflicting points of view, rather than simply expressing the ones you have in common. Is it possible that songs that mention God could include lyrics for believers, and something similar could be done for songs that expressing dissenting views?

    • “I hope you all seek a way to express all of your conflicting points of view, rather than simply expressing the ones you have in common. Is it possible that songs that mention God could include lyrics for believers, and something similar could be done for songs that expressing dissenting views?”

      If you don’t think that’s EXACTLY what they’re already doing, I don’t think you listened to the new album at all.

      And if I could speak directly to the band for a second: Ignore all the voices (religious or otherwise) that try to tell you who or what they need this band to be. You guys do you, and the fans will follow.

      • I heard a lot of complaints about modern society and anti-jingoism and other sorts of stuff that were always there. That’s the stuff they all have (and I suppose had) in common. I didn’t hear any joy there, though, or hope, or gladness at God’s mercy. Maybe I was away from my desk while that song was playing. I’ll try listening to it again, I suppose. I really WANT to like their new stuff, after all.

        • Exactly what I found missing. Joy is missing, replaced with darkness and cryptic messages. Their last albums are polar opposite.

          I agree with a lot of the comments below, there is a very negative change in atmosphere of this band because some of them lost their faith in God (or never had it to begin with – not sure how it works).

          When God is replaced with the tiptoeing around of life long friends now atheists you lose a lot. I’m more harsh then those above me, but I won’t be enjoying this band further, I’ll enjoy the past records that screamed of joy and grace and sacrifice and Jesus. not the future secretive dark hidden message of some type of unspecific love.

  47. I haven’t had a chance to buy the new album yet, but I love to listen to them online. Been reading the explanations some and I’d have to say that I disagree. Yes we are all entitled to our own opinions, so please just that this as that. When you live for Christ, you live for Christ. You don’t hide it for anything. I’m not saying to be pushy or to shove your beliefs down another’s throat. What I’m saying is, is that the FIF of the past was a Christian band and you let the world know it. Don’t walk around the fact for your band mates or your record label. Be real Reese. Like I’ve stated on other bands sites, either live it or don’t. Don’t play the games that the world tries to play. If Christ is your center, then let it rock out of you like there is no tomorrow. All I see is you trying to hide God in your lyrics because you are afraid to offend another. Yes we take their beliefs into consideration, by not trashing them or putting them down, but God’s truth is truth. If they are truly your friends, they would understand that you are a christian and don’t want to hide it. Besides if they don’t believe in God, then why do they care what you sing about. To them it’s a waste of time and won’t matter in the end. So why would they care. They don’t believe in God so they can sing about anything and not be offended. Life is just plain life without hope, mercy, grace or the concept that there may just be someone to hear them cry out in the night. So challenge them to this. If you sing about God, why should it matter to them. My thought is that they may began to believe that there is a God as they see God work in the band and they are afraid of that. Sorry man been a christian for 31 years and I have learned that you can’t hide it. God is God. Ask yourself why you are doing this in the first place. That will answer all the questions about the music.

    Just my thoughts. Take them or leave them. I’ll be heckled for this for sure, but I don’t care. The people that don’t know God can’t understand God.

  48. Reese nailed it. This is one of my favs because of the honesty behind it.
    “My hope, is that if God is real, and He really loves us- He can speak to you without us hurting our friends by preaching or doing worship out of a sense of obligation.” BOOM. Drops mic.

  49. is this where we line up to get the bumper stickers???
    Cause i need a new bumper sticker…
    … and a new bumper.


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