Into the Storm: Song Explanation From Dennis

You can buy the new EP at Into the Storm (Lyrics: Dennis Culp) There goes my basement down the embankment There goes my Ernie doll over the waterfall In…

Low Ticket Alert: San Antonio, TX

People of San Antonio and surrounding cities! San Antonio has very few tickets left. We play with MxPx on Jan 8th at Paper Tiger!

Five Iron Frenzy & Star Trek? Circa 1998

Found footage of a Five Iron show from 1998. Transferred from VHS so the quality is not that great but it’s good for wasting 45 minutes or so. You’ll also…

Between the Pavement and the Stars: Song Explanation From Reese

It hurt me so much to have this song cut from the album. But, Five Iron is a true democracy, and the rest of the band felt the album as a whole would do better with this song being replaced by an update of “It Was A Dark and Stormy Night”. No hard feelings guys, this is what you’re supposed to do in an “explanation”. I’m just explaining. Not at all lamenting the loss of this song. *sniffle*

God Hates Flags: Song Explanation From Reese

YEAH! This is the absolute best part of not being on an actual label. I mean, yes- we can play Glilman Street now. And yes, we are pretty much the punkest band you have ever seen. But, what I’m trying to say is- this song may have made some of you uncomfortable. So, let me explain myself. When Five Iron rolled through the first time, I was very concerned with trying not to offend people. To be fair, if you have spent much time in the Church, or around church-type people- they get offended VERY easily.

Boomerang: Song Explanation From Reese

This song was supposed to be the opener for Engine of A Million Plots. The only problem was that Scott and I could not agree on how the chorus should go. So it came out as this Frankenstein thing that made everyone in the band lose all hope for humanity. Thank God that our producer saved it enough that we could put it on this EP. Thanks Jeremy.

FIF Wants to be Your Secret Santa!

We’ll send you a free random gift with every physical order you put through on this holiday season. Our B-Sides album, Between Pavement & Stars, is also now available for…

Low Ticket Alert!

Dallas is gonna sell out this week. San Antonio, you’ve been warned too:

2016 Texas Shows Announced!

Get all the details on all of our upcoming shows at


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